Katana 3 stars

★★★☆ –  ★★

Weapon stats and skills show at max level – Lv.35

Lightning Soul Miaodao

163 38

Passive Skill: Add 42 lightning damage into each attack

Translation note:

Miaodao (苗刀) is a Chinese two-handed dao or saber of the Republican era, with a narrow blade with a length of 1.2 metres or more and a long hilt.  The name means “sprout saber”, presumably referring to a likeness between the weapon and a newly sprouted plant.

Thunder Demon Miaodao

169 29

Active Skill: Summon a whirlwind, deal physical attack 300% based on attack power, reduce hit enemy defense power by 60%, last for 2.99 seconds (EP Consumption: 12 – Cooldown:12s)

Pulse Tachi Type 17

188 3

Active Skill: Summon 6 phantom blades, each deal 483 ice elemental damage, on hit reduce attack speed and movement speed by 70% last for 2.5 seconds (EP Consumption: 14 – Cooldown: 12s)

Translation note: 

Tachi is a Japanese type of sword, preceded the katana. While Katana blades have length between 60cm and 120cm, Tachi blades have length between 120 cm and 180 cm. They were the first japanesse sword to incorperate the slight curve, this made it easier for cavalry to draw the weapon.

There are 3 type of tachi:

  • kodachi (小太刀) – blade length range below 60cm
  • tachi(太刀) – blade length range between 60 and 90 cm
  • oodachi (大太刀) – blade length range above 90cm

Pulse Tachi Type 19

182 12

Passive Skill: Reduce Skill EP Activation Cost by 22% 

Pulse Tachi Prototype

 146 29

Active Skill: Enhance weapon, increase basic attack physical damage (branch attack and charge attack included) by 32%, last for 5 seconds (EP Consumption: 8 – Cooldown: 15s)

Reverse Crystal Blade Katana

169 29

Active Skill: Slash using crystal energy, inflict AOE freeze status to enemy, last for 3.99 seconds (EP Consumption: 10 – Cooldown: 18 seconds)

Heat Cutting Blade

178 17

Active Skill: Slash using heat energy, dealing physical damage 270% based on attack power while inflict burn status to enemy, deal 372 fire elemental damage per each 0.5 second, last for 4 seconds (EP Consumption: 14- Cooldown: 10s)

Crimson Cherry Blossoms

163 19

Active Skill: Slash 7-strike slash to enemy and its surrounding, each strike deal physical damage 50% based on attack power, apply bind status to enemy at center (EP Consumption: 18 – Cooldown: 10s)

Thunder Roar

180 13

Active Skill: Slash using electricity, deal small AOE 744 lightning damage, inflict paralysis status, last for 2 seconds (EP Consumption: 10 – Cooldown: 15s)

Xuanyuan Pulse Tachi

165 16

Active Skill: Slash using ice energy, form a force field in front that when explode dealing 1017 ice elemental damage. Force field reduce enemy movement speed by 60%, last for 5 seconds (EP Consumption: 14 – Cooldown: 18s)

Endotherm Tachi

175 15

Passive Skill: When current EP is below 20%, increase physical damage by 17%. When current EP is above 80%, add 71 fire elemental into each attack

Phoenix Blade

158 25

Passive Skill: On hit add 36 fire elemental damage into each attack. When Kiana in squad, increase enemy burn status fire elemental damage by 18%

Alloyed Gluttony Settou

166 14

Active Skill: Summon a whirlwind that pull enemy towards wielder, dealing 317 physical damage each hit (EP Consumption: 10 – Cooldown: 15)

Translation note: 

Settou (Japanese: 節刀) is a sword given by the emperor in the symbol of his trust to the appointment of someone to a mission. In this context, the sword is the embodiment of Gluttony.

Alloyed Gale Tachi

157 26

Active Skill: Summon a tornado, each hit deal 178 ice elemental damage (SP Consumption: 14 – Cooldown: 15 seconds)