Katana 4 stars

★★★★☆ – ★★★★★

Weapon stats and skills show at max level – Lv.50

3rd Sacred Relic

3rd Sacred Relic
254 59

Passive Skill 1: Combo at 20/50/100, damage increase by 20%/30%/40%

Passive Skill 2: During Burst Mode, Physical Damage +30%


264 45

Active Skill: Grant the protection of the spirit sword to all ally members (including alter ego) and increase defense strength 50%, deal 318 lightning damage every 0.25 seconds to the enemies touched, duration 5.99 seconds (EP Consumption: 18 – Cooldown: 25s)

Passive Skill: 40% chance to reduce damage taken by 597

Magnetic Storm

Zan Jikiarashi
298 6

Active Skill: Slash twice dealing 1911 lightning damage every time, bringing to paralysis for 2.5 seconds (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 15s)

Passive Skill: Increase lightning damage 40%

Shadow Sword – Plasma

Plasma Kagegatana
269 18

Active Skill: Release a wave of cold air, freeze enemy upon touched for 0.9 seconds, dealing 876.0588 ice elemental damge, wave last for 4.99 seconds (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 25s)

Passive Skill: Add 23 ice elemental damage for each attack

Reversal Force Uchigatana Type 11

Reversal Force Uchigatana Type 11
282 26

Active Skill: Creates a red black hole, deal physical damage equal to 80% attack power to the enemies within the range, inflict bleed deals 298 damage per every 0.5 seconds for 4.59 seconds. When the black hole explode deal physical damage equal to 20% damage of attack power (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 20s).

Passive Skill: Increase 20% physical damage to enemies got space-time decelerated

Blade of Nihility

Blade Of Nihility
272 38

Active Skill: Create a space-time distortion around self, last for 6 seconds. Within the space-time distortion of the active skill, increase critical rate of normal attack by 29.9% (EP Consumption: 15 – Cooldown: 20s)

Passive Skill: Increase Physical damage by 15 / 30 / 45 % for 8 seconds every time 10/40/70 EP is used (count only once upon immediately used, doesn’t count multiple times, for example 10 + 30 = 40) , effect cannot be stacked

Nuwa Blade

Nuwa Blade
272 38

Active Skill: Summon 1 flaming soul that shoot fire at target enemy, one soul last for 10 seconds, have 2 charges. Each flaming soul’s attack deal 955 small AOE fire elemental damage (EP Consumption: 15 – Cooldown: 12s)

Passive Skill: When attacking, 5% to create a flaming sword, inflict burn status to enemies, dealing 187 fire elemental damage per every 0.5 second, last for 3 seconds

Heavenly Sword

Heavely Blade
289 17

Active Skill: Perform a series of multiple strikes, in total deals 400% damage to the surrounding enemies, inflict weaken status to the enemy that receive the last blow, decreasing defense power by 100%, for 5.99 seconds (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 18s)

Passive Skill: When attacked, strike lightning at attacking enemy, dealing 150% electric elemetal damage, paralyze for 1 second, cooldown 10 seconds

High Frequency Liston Knife

High Frequency Blade
272 38

Active Skill: Teleport to target enemy and inflict a small AOE bind, last for 4 seconds, reduce bound enemies’ defense power by 80%, dealing 233 electric elemental damage per every 0.5 second (EP Consumption: 14 – Cooldown: 11s)

Passive Skill: When performing a critical, 50.0% chance to inflict knock up and lock time-space to enemy, last for 3 seconds,  6.02 seconds cooldown

Translation note:

Liston knife is a type of knife used in surgical amputation. The knife was named after Robert Liston, a Scottish surgeon noted for his skill and speed in an era prior to anaesthetics, when speed made a difference in terms of pain and survival.

Replica Spirit Sword – Freezing Cloudy

Hyouketsu Donten Mozou Reigatana
265 46

Active Skill: Create a 3.5m freezing AOE under wielder, last for 10.0 seconds, increase friendly unit’s ice elemental damage by 39.8%, enemies inside the area will be exploded with frostbite after 6 seconds, receive 975 ice elemetal damage (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 18s)

Passive Skill: Increase elemental damage by 14.9%. Every 5 seconds, the next attack will deal 1260 ice elemental damage within 5m radius. When equipped on Sakura – Unfogotten, performing a critical attack will gain 200KP

Spirit Sword – Flurry of Cherry Blossoms

Sakura Fubuki
288 17

Active Skill: Slash forward, dealing physical damage 398.8% based on attack power. Additionally inflict stun status against enemy with Sakura mark, last for 3.5 seconds. When equipped on Sakura – Heretic Miko, perform skill will increase 1 Sakura Counter to enemy. Has 2 charges  (EP Consumption: 15 – Cooldown: 12s)

Passive Skill: On hit have 99.7% chance to perform a forward air slash attack, deal physcial damage 199.4% based on attack power, has 5.5 seconds cooldown. When equipped on Sakura – Heretic Miko, air slash attack increase 1 Sakura Counter to target enemy. Enemies already inflicted with Sakura Mark receive additional 1911 physical damage

Gluttony Settou

Blade Of Gluttony
239 22

Active Skill: Release a whirlwind that interupt the enemies and pull them forward wielder, inflict stun for 1.50 seconds, dealing 448 physical damage (EP Consumption: 18 – Cooldown: 15s)

Passive Skill: Gain 4 EP upon 1 enemy take down

Translation note:

See Settou


287 27

Passive Skill 1: Upon performing a successful evasive move, charge electricity. First enemy on-hit remove electric charge, deal AOE 3982 physical damage and AOE 3982 lightning elemental damage. After charging electricity, cannot charge again after 1.5 second

Passive Skill 2: On hit,  8.0% chance to inflict AOE paralysis status, last for 3 seconds, cooldown 6 seconds

Translation note:

The sword name Zouhou (Japanese: 蔵鋒) comes from a caligraphy technique. Words when written with zouhou does not create a pointy end brush stroke. The opposite way of writing using zouhou is Rohou (Japanese: 露鋒), which creates pointy end brush strokes.

Gale Tachi

Gale Tachi
224 39

Active Skill: Create a tornado, inflict knock-up to enemies upon touched, dealing 224 ice elemetal damage, reduce 80% attack speed and movement speed, tornado last for 1.80 seconds (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 25s)

Passive Skill: On hit,  5.0% chance to increase movement speed by 100% for 4.5 seconds, 10 seconds cooldown

Fairy Sword – Sylvan

275 36

Active Skill: Create a field that grant squad member attack speed by 25%, movement speed by 20%, attack all-damage by 10%. Field last for 20 seconds (EP Consumption: 17 – Cooldown: 38s)

Passive Skill: For each 10% extra movement speed, increase attack all-damage by 5%, stack up to 50%.  Increase movement speed by 30%

Promise After Rain

287 29

Active Skill: Summon an umbrella that shoot out crystal in a circular field, dealing physical damage based on 24* 30% attack power, reduce enemy caught in crystal field attack speed and movement speed by 40%, last for 5 seconds (EP Consumption: 16 – Cooldown: 18s)

Passive Skill:
Increase 20% physical damage against slowed enemy
Increase 20% all-damage when combo reaches 50

Jizou Spirit

289 24

Active Skill: Summon Jizou Spirit, last for 39 seconds. When enter the battlefield, Jizou deal physical damage 300% based on attack power to enemy and its surrounding, inflict float status. Jizou’s pattern attack:

  • Chop down: Deal physical damage 100% based on attack power
  • Tackle attack: Deal physical damage 200% based on attack power, inflict knock-back
  • Wide slash: Deal physical damage 100% based on attack power, inflict float

Passive Skill: Increase all-damage against float status enemy by 32%

Weapon Buff – God’s Key: When weapon’s level increase, the weapon will give buff to users. This skill is activated automatically and cannot be turn on or off. Has a time limit.

  • Lv 30: Increase all Katana-users defense power by 30
  • Lv 35: Increase all Katana-users defense power by 40
  • Lv 40: Increase all Katana-users attack power by 15
  • Lv 45: Increase all Katana-users HP by 120
  • Lv 50: Increase all Katana-users attack power by 25

Candy Sword

221 26

Passive Skill 1: On hit critical drop 3 ginger man. Each deal 149.7% physical damage based on attack power. Cooldown 8s

Passive Skill 2: When combo reaches 10, increase elemental damage by 15%

Demon Katana – Red Dyed Cherry Blossoms

287 31

Active Skill: Spinning dealing multiple instance, total fire elemental based on 500% attack power. If taken damage during skill activation, deal another 200% fire elemental damage to attacker. Invulnerable during performing skill, grant a shield that can negate 1 instance source of damage after skill animation. Shield last for 5 seconds. (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 21)

When equiped on Sakura – True Blaze Fortunate God, enemy got hit by the skill get a debuff, take additional 25% fire elemental damage, 15% lightning and ice elemental damage. Debuff last for 15 seconds. True Blaze additional branch skill does not benefit from this debuff (please read  Sakura – True Blaze Fortunate God skill for more information)

Passive Skill: Increase fire elemental damage by Valkyrja by 40%