Deep Crimson Sakura

Active Skill
EP: 20
CD: 21

User performs a whirlwind attack dealing 500% fire elemental damage based on user attack power to all enemies surrounding user within the range. While performing whirlwind attack, user is invincible, also if user is attacked, the last hit of whirlwind attack will deal extra 200% fire elemental damage based on user attack power. The next 5 seconds after animation ended, grant user a special protection which can negate all damage that user will take from one attack When equipped on True Blaze Fortunate God, any enemy that got hit by user will receive a special debuff. The debuff increases fire elemental damage taken by 25%, ice and lightning elemental damage taken by 10% for 15 seconds (mentioned debuff cannot be stacked with True Blaze Fortunate God branch attack: Gale, sub-skill: Asura)

Passive Skill

Increase fire elemental damage dealt via user attack by 40%

God Key - Raid Skill
Ranger Weapon