Freezing Cloudy

Active Skill
EP: 5
CD: 18

After activating, generate a 3.5m radius Frost Field for 10 seconds at user current position

 - While allied unit (including user) is standing within the field, increase its ice elemental damage dealt by 40%
 - When enemy unit steps into the field, set a Frost Time Bomb on it. The bomb explodes after 6 seconds dealing 980 ice elemental damage

Passive Skill
Increase user elemental damage by 14.9%
When user attack hits an enemy, the attack will extra deal 1260 ice damage to the enemy and all enemies surrounding it within 5m radius.
When equipped on Unforgotten Apostle, also recover 200 KP for user (cooldown: 5 seconds)
God Key - Raid Skill
Ranger Weapon