Sakura Fubuki

Active Skill
EP: 15
CD: 12

User performs a horizontal draw strike dealing 400% physical damage based on user attack power to all enemies in front. If the enemy that got hit has Scarlet Sakura Seal, it will be stunned for 3.5 seconds
When equipped on Heretic Miko, horizontal draw strike also marks Scarlet Sakura Seal on enemy that got hit

Passive Skill

When user attack hits an enemy, release a Sakura Ki Slash dealing【200% (user attack power) + 1920】 physical damage to all enemies in front (cooldown: 4.8 seconds)
When equipped on
Heretic Miko, Sakura Ki Slash also marks one Scarlet Sakura Count on enemy that got hit. Plus, if user successfully performs a branch attack (Reverse Katana), instantly reset Sakura Ki Slash cooldown

God Key - Raid Skill
Ranger Weapon