Pistol 4 stars

★★★★☆ – ★★★★★

Weapon stats and skills show at max level – Lv.50

2nd Sacred Relic

2nd Sacred Relic
254 58

Passive Skill 1: Increase EP gain by 35%

Passive Skill 2: Add additional 50 lightning elemental damage on-hit

Super Railgun Hand Cannon

Super Railgun Hand Cannon
287 19

Active Skill: Deal 2,289 lightning elemental damage to targeted enemy surroundings, inflicting paralysis status to them, last for 4.00 seconds (EP Consumption: 16 – Cooldown: 18s)

Passive Skill: On hit 3% chance to inflict paralysis status to the target, causing immobilize and unable to attack, last for 2.50 seconds

Shennong Protection

Shennong Protection
285 22

Active Skill: Release an area that freeze time and inflict weaken status ailment to a non-boss targeted enemy, reduce their attack power by 70%. Other non-targeted enemies now can’t be targeted and take less in coming damage. Effect lasts for 9.98 seconds (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 20s)

Passive Skill: Increase 50% bonus damage to enemies with weakened status.

Yae Spirit Gun

Yae Spirit Gun
267 21

Active Skill: Deal 7 slashes to surrounding enemies, each slash deals physical damage 77% based on attack power, inflict bind status, last for 3.7 seconds (EP Consumption: 21 – Cooldown: 14s)

Passive Skill: When performing space-time distortion, inflict bleed to enemy, deal 47% physical damage every 0.5 seconds, last for 5.7 seconds

Dominator Gun

Dominator Pistol
244 16

Active Skill:  forms a number of rising punches from the ground, each deal physical damage 50% based on attack power to the targeted enemy surroundings, inflict burn status to them, dealing 149 fire elemental damage per every 0.5 seconds, last for 2.10 seconds (EP Consumption: 25 – Cooldown: 10s)

Passive Skill: Add additional 25 fire elemental damage on-hit

Fafnir Explosion Flame

Fafnir Immolation
248 43

Active Skill: Deals flame wave explosions around self, inflict knock back status, each wave deal physical damage 115% based on attack power and inflict burn status, dealing 159 fire elemental damage every 0.5 seconds, last for 3.00 seconds (EP Consumption: 25 – Cooldown: 20s)

Passive Skill: Increase physical damage by 18% during Burst Mode.

Infernal Demolisher

Recca Destroyer
276 32

Active Skill: Knock back enemies in a small frontal area and inflict float status, deal physical damage 100% based on attack power. Hit enemies then explode, deal 1881 fire elemental damage, inflict surrounding enemies with burn status, dealing 195 fire elemental damage per every 0.5 seconds, lasts for 4.5 seconds(EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 9s)

Passive Skill: Add 40 fire elemental damage for each enemy inflicted with burn, stack up to 5 times

Wings of Jingwei

Wing Of Jingwei
259 30

Active Skill: Call Meteor shower from the sky, last for 12 seconds, when the meteor explodes, deals  physical damage 90% based on attack power, inflict burn status, dealing 96 fire elemental damage pẻ every 0.5 seconds, last for 1.5 seconds (EP Consumption: 30 – Cooldown: 25s)

Passive Skill: Attacking the same target for every 2.5 seconds gives additional 2.0% critical rate and 5.0% critical damage, stacks up to 20% critical rate and 50% critical damage

Demon Horn Thunder Dagger

Demon Horn Thunder Dagger
264 47

Active Skill:Possess a will-o’-the-wisp on enemy, last for 7.99 seconds. Possessed enemies and the surrounding area will receive 637 electric elemental damage every 0.5 seconds (EP Consumption: 16 – Cooldown: 25s)

Passive Skill: Gives 30% electric elemental damage. When in Burst mode,  on hit inflict enemy electric shock status​, increase incoming lightning elemental damage 59.8%, last for 7 seconds.


298 6

Active Skill: Smashing Mjolnir to knockdown enemies, dealing physical damage 404%  based on attack power, and inflict vulnerable status to them, reduce defense power by 80%, last for 4.00 seconds (EP Consumption: 18 – Cooldown: 13s)

Passive Skill: Increase critical chance by 15%

Light and Shadow

Light And Shadow
270 39

Active Skill: Release an ice ball dragging enemies along its path, causing a large scale explosion in the end that inflict freeze status to the enemies within the explosion, dealing 846 ice elemental damage every 0.9 seconds, last for 3.99 seconds (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 20s)

Passive Skill: Releases cold air when elite’s shield got broken by basic attack (branch attack and charged attack included), reduce movement speed and attack speed to the target and small surrounding enemies by  84%, last for 3.99 seconds

Energy Warper

Enenrgy Warper
276 32

Active Skill: Kiana will jump back, leaving a bullet that will explode, deal physical damage 349% based on attack power,  and stun the enemies in the area for 4.49 seconds (EP Consumption: 14 – Cooldown: 16s)

Passive Skill: After performing space-time distortion, increases attack speed by 79.8%, critical rate by 24.9%,  last for 4 seconds. Only last in Space-time distortion.

Hurricane Revolver

Storm Revolver
224 39

Active Skill: Summon a whirlwind around self, dealing rapid attack to surrounding enemy, each attack deals 174 ice elemental damage. The whirlwind exlode when expires, dealing 300% physical damage, and inflicting 60% slowing moving speed and attack speed to the enemy, last for 1.50 seconds, Kiana can move during whirlwind duration (EP Consumption: 24 – Cooldown: 30s)

Passive Skill: 5% chance on-hit to increase moving speed by 100%, last for 4.50 seconds

Usurper Hand Cannon

Usurper Hand Cannon
272 27

Active Skill: Shoot out a low-frequency sound, dealing 379% physical damage based on attack power, inflict 6 seconds weaken status to enemies, reduce their attack power by 60% (EP Consumption: 15 – Cooldown: 15s)

Passive Skill: Increase ranged physical damage by 40%. Reduce damage dealt by 10% per every 1m further away from the enemy, up to 80%

Original Fairy Bow

279 35

Active Skill: Fire 2 wind bullet in a straight line, each deal physical damage 110% based on attack power. On hit against enemy with bleed status regain 10 EP to wielder (EP consumption: 18 – Cooldown:0s)

Passive Skill: Attack speed +25%, Movement speed +25%

Extraordinary Form – Hel Bow

287 31

Active Skill: Fire a beam that turns into a stream of bullet raining from above to an area in front, dealing 9*59.8% attack power and inflict freeze status for 5 seconds (EP consumption: 16 – Cooldown:18s)

Passive Skill: Increase critical rate increased by 5.0%, increase physical damage against stun and freeze status enemy by 40.0%

Phantom Colored Aria

275 27

Passive Skill 1: Attacking a target having spacetime decelerated status deals an additional 1000 physical damage and 1500 ice elemental damage to it and its the surrounding enemies (Cooldown:5s)

Passive Skill: Increase character elemental damage dealt by 15%. Additionally, after tag-in, increase character all damage dealt by 50%, last for seconds. This can only be triggered every 30 seconds after character perform tag-in
Performing ultimate attack resets this skill cooldown and the skill will be immediately in effect

Fire Spark – Holy Judgement

260 45

Active Skill: Fires off holy fire dealing 100% attack power + 2*1978 fire elemental damage. Apply a debuff that lowers enemy’s attack and movement speed by 30% and increase receiving all-damage by 15%. Holy fire deals 265 fire elemental damage per second with a 10% chance of apply stun status for 2.5 seconds.

During release, wielder get 80% all-damage reduction. Performing skill consumes 13% of maximum HP per each second, last for 5 seconds. If HP reaches 1, the character will not die as a result. When HP below 33%, skill will be unusable (EP Consumption: 20 – Cooldown: 35s)

Passive Skill: 10% chance to inflict burn status per each 1.0 second to surrounding enemy, dealing  298 damage per each 0.5 second, last for 3.5 second. Increase all damage against burn status enemies by 18%

Weapon Buff – God’s Key: When weapon’s level increase, the weapon will give buff to users. This skill is activated automatically and cannot be turn on or off. Has a time limit.

  • Lv 30: Increase all Pistol-users DEF by 40
  • Lv 35: Increase all Pistol-users ATK by 10
  • Lv 40: Increase all Pistol-users HP by 75
  • Lv 45: Increase all Pistol-users CRI by 10
  • Lv 50: Increase all Pistol-users ATK by 30