Ranger Hand Cannon

Passive Skill 1
EP: 20
CD: 30

After activating, release a Flame Wave with user as the center of the wave every 1 second, last for 10 seconds. Each wave deals 800 fire elemental damage

While this skill is active, if user successfully perform perfect evasion skill, additionally release a Strong Flame Wave dealing 4000 fire elemental damage to all enemies standing within the range Any enemy got hit by the wave will have 10% chance to be stunned for 2 seconds

Passive Skill 2

Increase user all damage dealt against stunned enemy by 35%

Ranger Buff:
Increase user ice elemental resistance by 20%
If the team has other Valkyrja using Ranger series weapon, increase user fire elemental damage dealt by 20%
God Key - Raid Skill
Ranger Weapon