Tenka Pistol

Active Skill
EP: 20
CD: 35

User performs a plunge attack with the greatsword combined from duo pistols. The plunge attack deals【100% (user attack power) + 2×1984】 fire elemental damage to all enemies in front. Any enemy that got hit by the plunge attack will be burned and received 3 debuffs for 15 seconds. Burned enemy receives 936 fire elemental damage every 1 second with 10% chance to be stunned for 2.5 seconds (excluding mechanical type enemy, berserk enemy, BOSS). Mentioned debuffs including:

– Decrease movement speed by 30%
– Decrease attack speed by 30%
– Increase all damage taken by 15%

While performing plunge attack, user will enters Endurance Mode. Endurance Mode decreases user all damage taken by 80% After performing plunge attack, user HP will be decreased by 13% every 1 second, last for 5 seconds
※User cannot be killed by this skill but user HP must above
33% to activate this skill

Passive Skill

When there is an enemy nearby, there is 10% chance to burn it for 3.5 seconds. Burned enemy receives 301 fire elemental damage every 0.5 second.
Increase all damage against burned enemy by 

God Key - Raid Skill

In coop raid, after user activated weapon skill, in next 5.1 seconds, grant below buffs:

– Increase all damage dealt by 20% for all members in the team
– Recover 7% HP for user

Ranger Weapon