Campus Festival Fashion

  • Campaign Package
  • Trial Stage

1) Nov 9th (Fri) 12:00 〜 Dec 5th (Wed), Campaign Package【無垢の蓮華】(Pure Lotus) including new battlesuit for Heretic Miko and【綺麗の幻想】
(Beautiful Illusion) including new battlesuit for True Blaze Fortunate God and will be available.
※The packages apply for Captain Lv15 or above.

2) Captain can find and buy the packages by tapping【補給】(Supply) 【チャージ】(Top Up) 【キャンペーン】(Campaign).

3) The packages don’t include :crystal:

4) Captain can only purchase the packages by using real money (doesn’t accept any in-game currency including :crystal:).

1) Nov 9th (Fri) 12:00 ~ Dec 5th (Wed) 4:00, Trial Stage for Pure Lotus showcase and Beautiful Illusion showcase will be available.

2) Captain can check Valkyrja’s details and her equipments in Trial Stage by tapping the Valkyrja at【戦闘準備】(Battle Preparation) screen.

3) During event period, the missions regarding to Trial Stage will be added.