Happy Birthday Kiana

1) Dec 6th (Thu) 4:00 ~ Dec 21th (Fri) 4:00, event missions regarding to Kiana Birthday Party will be available. When clearing those missions, Captain will obtain シーソルトマカロンケーキ (translation: Sea Salt Macaron Cake) as well as event score

2) By raising the event score, Captain can unlock event quest regarding to 花が咲く冬 event (translation: Flowers Blooming in Winter). When clearing those quests, Captain will obtain more Sea Salt Macaron Cake

3) Dec 6th (Thu) 4:00 ~ Dec 28th (Fri) 4:00, Event Shop will be available. Captain can exchange for a limited Stigmata, Kiana – Birthday 2018 (C) and other items by using Sea Salt Macaron Cake. Plus, during mentioned period, 3 limited Stigmata including Kiana – Winter Princess (T), Kiana – Duanwu Festival (T) and Kiana – Beach (T) in old events will be republished, Captain can exchange for them via Event Shop by using ホム’s Legend現認判子 (translation: Homu’s Legend Recognition Badge)

4) Sea Salt Macaron Cake will be recalled on Dec 28th (Fri) 4:00. Leftover cakes in Captain’s inventory will be automatically converted to ホオのお宝 (translation: Hoo Treasure Chest)

5) All events mentioned in this post are only available for Captain Lv20 or above