Holy Night Present

  • Xmas Cake
  • Lottery Supply

1) Dec 21st, 2018 (Fri) 4:00 ~ Jan 9th, 2019 (Wed) 4:00, event quest regarding to Xmas and New Year Holiday will be available. It divides into 2 acts including:  

● Act1: Start from Dec 21st (Fri) 4:00
● Act2: Start from
Dec 26th (Wed) 4:00

2) During above period, event mission will be added. By clearing event quest and mission, Captain can obtain クリスマスクッキー (translation: Xmas Cake).

3) During above period, 神経衰弱ゲーム (translation: Concentration Game) will be available. To flip up the cards, Captain needs Xmas Cake.

4) When doing Concentration Game, Captain will get limited Stigmata such as Telsa – Snowplay (T), Einstein – Xmas (C) and limited furnitures such as Homi Xmas Tree, New Year Decorations.

※ Xmas Cake will be recalled on Jan 9th, 2019 (Wed) 4:00, leftover cakes will be automatically converted into Hori Treasure Chest.

1) Dec 21st (Fri) 12:00 ~ Dec 31st (Mon) 12:00, Lottery Supply will be available. To roll this supply, Captain must have 福引券 (translation: Lottery Ticket).

2) Featured items in Lottery Supply are listed as below:

  【☆4 Stigmata】
● Planck (T), (C), (B)
● Issac Newton (T), (C), (B)  

  【☆4 Weapon】
● Týr Arm
● Twin Wolves of Eternal Twilight

※It also includes 25~500x :crystal:, Lottery Ticket and other materials.

3) Lottery Ticket can be exchanged by using Xmas Cake or bought via top up screen.

4) 1 Xmas Cake can be exchanged for 5 Lottery Ticket. Captain can exchange max up to 4 times. Exchange schedule is listed as below:

– 1st Phase: Dec 21st (Fri) 4:00 〜 Dec 26th (Wed) 4:00
– 2nd Phase: Dec 26th (Mon) 4:00 〜 Dec 31st (Mon) 12:00

※Captain can exchange 2 times each phase.