Hunting on Space Island

  • Schedule
  • Concept
  • Anti Biology Field
  • Rewards - Shop
  • Sacred Blood Project
  • Battlesuit Remodeling

1) Dec 14th (Fri) 12:00 ~ Dec 24th (Thu) 4:00, Hunting on Space Island event will be available
※The event is only available for Captain
Lv15 or above

2) 3:00 ~ 12:00 every Monday, Helheim Laboratory will enter maintenance
※Captain cannot hunt during maintenance

1) Captain can hunt up to 3 test subjects every week
※Reset after maintenance

2) Captain can lock only 1 test subject per day (require 10 AP to lock)
※Cannot change after locking

3) To detect the position of test subject, Captain needs perform inspection first. After the progress reached 100%, Captain has to meet Telsa and requests her to analyse the inspection data

4) If hunting time passes 150 seconds or when the test subject HP is lower than 35%, the test subject will run away. After it ran away, Captain can detect its position again via a red point showed on the map

5) After successfully hunting a test subject, the total time that Captain used to hunt it will be recorded (refer to Rewards)

6)  After a test subject was hunted, it will release infection effect. The next test subject that are affected by infection effect, will be stronger. Take note that infection effect can be inherited and it is stackable

7) Captain can send help request during hunting. If other Captain(s) accepts the request, the game will allow Captain to hunt the test subject with other Captain(s) under co-op mode

8) In co-op mode, the damage taken of test subject will be greatly decrease and it will run away when hunting time passes 30 seconds instead of 150 seconds

※The maximum value of total damage can be dealt via co-op is 20% (based on the test subject max HP)
※The time that Captain used to hunt via co-op will not be recorded


1) Dec 14th (Fri) 12:00 ~ Dec 28th (Thu) 3:00, Anti Biology Field will be automatically activated

2) While the field is active, all test subjects HP will be greatly decreased


1) Weekly Rewards
● It’s based on the total time used to hunt all 3 test subjects
● It resets after maintenance
※Captain can receive max up to 3 Treasure Box

2) Rare Resources
● These are hidden randomly in Helheim Laboratory
● These reset after maintenance
※There are 5 rare resources in total


1) By clearing event mission, Captain will be awarded ネゲントロピースキャナー (translation: Negentropy Scanner)

2) Captain can use Negentropy Scanner to exchange for a new limited ☆4 weapon – Tenka Greatsword, Darkness Rose fragment or other rare items

1) When Captain is doing inspection or when Captain is hunting a test subject, Captain can obtain 実験サンプル (Translation: Test Sample)

2) Test Sample can be used to raise the progress of Telsa Experiment Project

3) By raising the progress, Captain can obtain progress rewards as well as unlock more items in shop

Tesla has remodeled all battlesuits listed below so the Valkyrja using those battlesuits can activate special buff when fighting against test subject
● Scarlet Nexus
● Greatsword of Polar
● Crimson Knight Lunar Eclipse
● Darkness Rose
● Unforgotten Apostle
● Heretic Miko
● Lightning Empress Demon Armor