Pumpkin and Witches

  • Event Shop
  • Campaign Package
  • Trial Stage

1) Dec 5th (Wed) after maintenance ~ Dec 19th (Wed) 4:00, a new battlesuit for Original Sin Hunterパンプキンハンター (translation: Pumpkin Hunter) will be added to Event Shop. Captain can exchange for it by using 10x パンプキンコイン (translation: Pumpkin Coin), and can only exchange one time. Besides that, Captain can also use Pumpkin Coin to exchange for other items
※Pumpkin Coin can be only obtained via Hallow Supply which was closed on Nov 2nd (Fri)

2) Pumpkin Coin will be recalled on Dec 19th (Wed) 4:00. Leftover coins in Captain’s inventory will be automatically converted to ハロウィンのミニパンプキン (translation: Halloween Mini Pumpkin)

1) Dec 5th (Wed) after maintenance ~ Jan 9th, 2018 (Wed) 4:00, Pumpkin Hunter Campaign Package including a new costume for Original Sin Hunter, and 夕暮の魔女 (translation: Twilight Witch) Campaign Package including a battlesuit for Snowland Sniper that introduced in Halloween 2018 and 3000 :crystal: will be available ※For Captain who already owned Twilight Witch, if purchases again, the duplicated costume will be automatically converted to 10,000 Coin so please consider twice before purchase it

2) All campaign packages mentioned in this post are only available for Captain Lv20 or above

3) Captain can find and buy the packages by tapping 補給 → チャージ → キャンペーン (translation: Supply → Top Up → Campaign)

4) Captain can only purchase the packages by using real money (doesn’t accept any in-game currency including :crystal:)

Dec 5th (Wed) after maintenance ~ Jan 9th, 2018 (Wed) 4:00, Trial Stage for Pumpkin Hunter showcase and Twilight Witch showcase will be available
※Captain can check Valkyrja information and her equipments by tapping the Valkyrja image showed on preparation screen

② During mentioned period, missions regarding to Trial Stage will be added