Thanksgiving Festival

1) Nov 23rd (Fri) 4:00 ~ Dec 5th (Wed) 4:00, event quests regarding to Thanksgiving Festival will be available. Captain will get【レシピの一部】as reward when clearing the quests.

※The event is only available for Captain Lv15 or above. Plus, it will have 3 phrases:

a) Act 1: Start from Nov 23rd (Fri) 4:00
b) Act 2: Start from Nov 27th (Tue) 4:00
c) Act 3: Start from Dec 1st (Sat) 4:00

2) During event period, event missions regarding to the event will be also available. Captain will get【レシピの一部】as reward when clearing the missions.

3) Nov 23rd (Fri) 4:00 ~ Dec 7th (Fri) 4:00, Thanksgiving Festival’s Quantitative Supply will be available. Captain can use【レシピの一部】to roll the supply.

※【レシピの一部】will be recalled on Dec 8th (Sat) 4:00.

4) Quantitative Supply has 2 phrases. Captain must finish all 50 rolls of the 1st phrase before moving to 2nd phrase. Featured items are list as below:

a) 1st Phrase: Nova Rhythm – a limited cannon belongs to Music Series + Idol Badge
b) 2nd Phrase: Edison – Thanksgiving 2018 (T) – limited Stigmata

Special Login Bonus

To show our appreciation, from Nov 22nd (Thu) 4:00 to Nov 25th (Sun) 4:00, every day when Captain login the game, we will send 60 :crystal: to Captain (3 days = 180 :crystal:)